Temer advisor hands over cash-filled briefcase to police

brazilian president

Brasilia, May 24: An advisor of Brazilian President Michel Temer has turned over a cash-filled briefcase to authorities that he apparently received from the owner of meat-packing giant JBS, police here has said.

The briefcase, containing around $142,000, was turned over by Rodrigo Rocha Loures, police on Tuesday, Xinhua news agency reported.

Rocha Loures was filmed receiving the briefcase at a restaurant in Sao Paulo late in April.

The filming was part of an investigation by Brazil’s federal police and prosecutor-general, following confessions by the JBS owners and executives.

According to JBS owner Joesley Batista, Rocha Loures received the money as an intermediary for Temer in exchange for favourable government actions for the JBS.

Brazil has been plunged into a new political crisis since last week when a recording was released, in which Temer seemingly is heard agreeing with Batista that former House Speaker Eduardo Cunha should be bribed to keep him silent.

Last week, Temer denied all charges against him, stating that Batista’s recording had been falsified and that his testimony was a lie.


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