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Telangana CM K. Chandrashekhar Rao makes U-turn on RTC, showers sops on employees



Telangana CM KC Rao

Hyderabad, Dec 1 : In a complete U-turn on the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC), Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao on Sunday not only showered sops on the employees, who were on strike for nearly two months, but also assured them that not a single private bus will be allowed on TSRTC routes.

Three days after over 48,000 employees resumed their duties after 56-day-long strike, the Chief Minister assured them full job security saying not a single employee will be sacked. During an interaction with selected employees here, Rao announced that salaries for September will be paid on Monday while salaries for the strike period will also be paid subsequently.

It was a complete U-turn as only last month the Chief Minister had declared that over 48,000 employees dismissed themselves by going on illegal strike and not resuming duties before the expiry of the deadline set by the government.

Fear of losing jobs drove at least five employees to commit suicide during the strike while some others died of cardiac arrest with union leaders linking this to depression caused by the government’s threats and non-payment of salaries.

Going a step forward, the Chief Minister announced that the retirement age of the employees would be increased from 58 to 60 years. He also promised to absorb the contract workers into the Corporation.

Five employees from each of the 97 RTC depots spread across the state attended the interaction held at Pragati Bhavan, the official residence of the Chief Minister. KCR, as Rao is popularly known, also hosted lunch for the invitees and enquired about their problems.

The interaction was seen by many as an attempt to isolate the leaders of employees’ unions as KCR had blamed them for misleading the employees and pushing them in a state of uncertainty and the state-owned organization further deep into losses.

About 50,000 employees had gone on strike on October 5 to press for 26 demands, the chief being TSRTC’s merger with the government. Terming the strike illegal, KCR not only rejected the demands but also refused to hold talks with them. About 1,500 employees had returned to duty on his appeal.

The government adopted a tough stand, drawing criticism from the entire opposition, which backed the strike and series of protest programmes undertaken by the striking employees including state-wide shutdown.

Unfazed by the protests, KCR had even announced privatisation of 5,100 RTC routes. The government had received a shot in the arm with the Telangana High Court upholding the decision of the state cabinet to give permits to private operators on half of the RTC routes.

The government’s position was further bolstered by the High Court’s direction to the Labour Commissioner to take a decision on the legality of the strike. He was authorised to decide on whether to approach the Labour Court or not.

The Joint Action Committee (JAC), spearheading the strike, tried to outsmart the government by calling off the strike on November 25 but the TSRTC refused to take them back on duties, citing the proceedings before the Labour Commissioner. The employees, who tried to rejoin the duties the next day, were turned back and even arrested.

It was finally on November 28 that KCR decided to take back the employees. He also announced hike in bus fares to mobilise an additional income of Rs 750 crore annually to partially wipe out the losses.

At Sunday’s meeting, KCR announced that the government will allocate Rs 1,000 crore every year for the TSRTC from the next budget.

He also shared his vision of TSRTC, saying he wish to see the transport utility turning profitable as early as possible.

He also announced that in case of employees who died during the strike period, one job will be given to member of their family within eight days. The government will also pay Rs 2 lakh each as an ex-gratia.


11-kg tumour extracted from Mumbai woman’s abdomen





Mumbai, Sep 20 : Doctors in Mumbai have extracted a gigantic 11-kg tumour from the abdomen of a 55-year-old woman after a marathon nine-hour surgery.

A team of medicos headed by oncologist Dr Tanveer A. Majeed, urologist Dr Santosh Palkar and Dr Shilpa Deshmukh performed the complicated surgery at the Zen Multispeciality Hospital in Chembur.

The patient Sujata Sinha (name changed) is a housewife who noticed her abdomen growing daily accompanied by breathing difficulties.

At the height of lockdown in June, she consulted a local doctor who confirmed the presence of a tumour with ultrasound and CT scan.

However, owing to the lockdown she did not take any further steps or medicines, even as the tumour continued to grow rapidly, making her look obese.

Finally, she was referred to the ZMH and Dr Majeed checked her condition on September 8 to find she was weighing around 80 kgs, and suffered from diabetes and hypertension.

Further tests revealed the huge abdominal tumour encroaching the right half of the abdomen, pushing the right kidney to the left side, duodenum, liver, small intestine and colon to the left side, besides her major blood vessels supplying to the heart.

After further clinical diagnosis, the patient was advised surgery by Dr Majeed as it indicated a rare cancer of connective tissues that resemble fat cells under a microscope.

“After opening the abdomen, we found a huge tumour which had displaced all the other body organs to the left side. It weighed 11 kgs and had dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 35 cm, and the patient lost around one litre of blood during the nine-hour operation,” said Dr Majeed.

The patient is recuperating well at the hospital now, has started an oral liquid diet, can breathe normally, and will be required for a follow-up after three months.

“We delayed treatment due to the pandemic lockdown. But I am fortunate to be operated at ZMH where the doctors saved my life. I feel much lighter now, can eat and breathe properly and resume normal life,” said the patient gratefully.

Prior to this, a team of doctors at the Global Hospital, Parel, had extracted a massive 12-kg tumour from a woman’s abdomen in December 2014.

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Uttar Pradesh man nabbed for importing drugs from United States

He used to order the drugs from the US through Instagram or Wickr and the payments were made through bitcoins.





Lucknow, Sep 20: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has arrested a person from here and seized 2.7 kg of bud (curated marijuana) concealed in an air compressor machine at Delhi.

The consignor is based in the US and a few earlier seizures made by NCB had the same origin which alerted the NCB team.

The payment for the consignment was made through bitcoins and came into contact through Instagram ID of the consignor.

According to the NCB press statement, the parcel was sent to India from the US on August 31.

A detailed investigation into the case with the help of digital analysis led NCB team to the consignee C. Gidwani, a Lucknow resident, who accepted his involvement in the case on September 18.

The necessary digital evidence was also seized. He admitted that he used to import such parcels on a regular basis for last one and a half years for himself and further distribution to his friends.

He used to order the drugs from the US through Instagram or Wickr and the payments were made through bitcoins.

The accused also revealed that he used to get ‘charas’ and ‘marijuana’ from Delhi and Bangalore-based suppliers. Further investigations into the backward and forward linkages were underway.

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High on adrenaline: Bikers caught performing daring stunts on Delhi roads

Stunt bikers usually set off on roads with the high end bikes either late at night or early in the morning when the roads have less traffic.




New Delhi, Sep 20 : A group of bikers was seen performing daring stunts on the Delhi roads. The video shot by a passerby showed half a dozen bikes and scooties with young men in their early twenties doing dangerous stunts on the roads risking their lives together with the lives of others. The video is said to be recorded on Sunday morning near Vikas Marg in East Delhi.

The video, which went viral, was brought immediately into the notice of the Delhi Traffic Police.

“Area Traffic Police have already been informed in this regard,” said a senior police officer.

In a 20-second video, the bikers were seen standing on the bikes, some seen pulling the front wheel off in the air and some were seen doing tripling on the bikes flouting traffic regulations.

Though most of the bikers were seen without helmets, interestingly many were seen wearing masks as a precaution against the coronavirus.

Stunt bikers usually set off on roads with the high end bikes either late at night or early in the morning when the roads have less traffic.

Delhi police have been vigilant against stunt biking and on various occasions have apprehended many stunt bikers on roads. Many advisories have also been issued in this regard to the general public.

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