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Ted counters Donald on Muslims and Terrorism



Arti Bali,

National security subject –Terrorism and foreign policy were the focus of the fifth debate of Republican presidential candidates in Las Vegas and frontrunner Donald Trump has won with the support of 35% of the registered Republican voters while Texas Senator Ted Cruz was the runner up with 25%.

Donald Says”I am not against Muslims, I am not against religion , We are talking about security ,tens of thousands of People are pouring in our country  with cell phones having ISIS flags .”
The poll conducted by One American News Network  announced 69-year-old Trump, the New York-based real estate tycoon as the winner of the  fifth presidential debate.

As Cruz and Donald debate on Muslims ,Cruz blamed some Republicans in Congress as well as President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for supporting toppling dictators like Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt,said “I am in favour of destroying ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism by targeting the bad guys and one of the problems with Marco’s foreign policy is that he’s all too often supported Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama undermining dictators in the Middle East that have aided radical Islamic terrorism.”If I am elected president, we will hunt down and kill the terrorists.”


Jeb Bush says”  We have to destroy ISIS  and we need to re engage with the Arab world  for eliminating ISIS threat ,Donald is a good one liner and Donald is a chaos  candidate  and he will be chaotic president .”

Donald Trump , who became famous after his controversial comments on Muslims while Texas Senator Ted Cruz invoked India to contest the maverick billionaire’s demonisation of all Muslims, saying the focus on fighting extremism should not be based on faith, but on the “political and theological ideology that seeks to murder us”.

“I’m reminded of what FDR’s grandfather said, all horse thieves are democrats but not all democrats are horse thieves,” Cruz joked while taking a  swipe at Democrats  that not all Muslims are terrorists or extremists. “In this instance there are millions of peaceful Muslims across the world, like in India, where there is not the problems we are seeing in nations that are controlled by al-Qaida or IS.”

Donald Trump proposed last week that the U.S. should ban all Muslims from entering the country “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” Republican Party officials, including Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and House Speaker Paul Ryan, condemned the proposal. But on Tuesday, Trump defended it, saying such a measure would protect the U.S. against terrorist attacks.

“We are not talking about isolation. We’re talking about security. We’re not talking about religion. We’re talking about security,” Trump said when asked if his policies of “isolation” were really the best way for America to deal with threats.


COVID-19 vaccination: 23 elderly people dead after Pfizer shot in Norway

Norway COVID-19 immunisation: The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has cautioned against vaccinating elderly people above 80 years of age saying those with a short life span may not benefit much from the jab




In a worrying development, 23 elderly people died within a short time of receiving their first coronavirus vaccine shots in Norway. However, there is no confirmation yet if there is direct correlation between the PfizerBioNTech COVID-19 jab and these deaths.

Although a direct correlation between the Pfizer jab and these deaths is yet to be established, experts have said that 13 out of 23 people who died showed common side effects of mRNA vaccines such as diarrhea, nausea and fever.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has cautioned against vaccinating elderly people above 80 years of age saying those with a short life span may not benefit much from the jab. The Norwegian regulator further told Bloomberg, “For those with the most severe frailty, even relatively mild vaccine side effects can have serious consequences.”

Pfizer and BioNTech are working with the Norwegian authorities to investigate the deaths in Norway. According to Pfizer, the regulator discovered “the number of incidents so far is not alarming and in line with expectations”.

Experts are of the strong opinion that doctors need to exercise strong caution in vaccinating people in the wake of deaths of 23 elderly people. The Norwegian Medicines Agency said in a recent report that 21 women and 8 men reported side effects. Apart from the 23 deaths, nine people have reported serious side effects without fatal outcomes such as allergic reactions, strong discomfort and severe fever. Seven people reported less serious side effects such as severe pain at the injection site.

Meanwhile, Norway had administered at least one dose of the Pfizer or Moderna coronavirus vaccines to approximately 33,000 people by end of December.

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China slams US media silence over Pfizer vax deaths in Norway

“If there needs to be some comparison, then China’s inactivated vaccine definitely has more solid foundation in safety than Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine”.




pfizer-biontech vaccine

New Delhi, Jan 16 : China has slammed the US media for its silence over the deaths of 23 Norwegian elderly patients who were vaccinated with Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Twenty-three elderly Norwegian people died after receiving Pfizer vaccines and the country has launched a detailed investigation into the fatalities that have shocked the world.

Thirteen of them have been assessed and common side effects may have contributed to severe reactions in them, according to the Norwegian Medicines Agency.

An editorial in China’s state-run media outlet Global Times said that 23 deaths are a large number.

“But surprisingly, mainstream English-language media did not report the incident immediately, as if they had already reached a consensus. Major US and UK media were obviously downplaying their deaths,” the editorial said on Friday.

“In contrast, those major Western media will immediately hype any unfavourable information about Chinese vaccines and try to amplify their impact on public psychology”.

For example, the data of China’s Sinovac vaccine was lower than expected in Brazil, and it was reported everywhere in Western media.

The death of a Brazilian volunteer who participated in the trials also became a major event in Western media.

“But it was later proven that the death had nothing to do with the vaccination, and Western media lost their interest,” Global Times reported.

Doctors in Norway have been asked to conduct more thorough evaluations of very frail elderly patients in line to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, following the reported deaths, the prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ) reported.

“It may be a coincidence, but we aren’t sure,” Steinar Madsen, medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NOMA), told the BMJ.

“There is no certain connection between these deaths and the vaccine.”

In a statement, Pfizer said: “Pfizer and BioNTech are aware of reported deaths following administration of BNT162b2. We are working with NOMA to gather all the relevant information.

“All reported deaths will be thoroughly evaluated by NOMA to determine if these incidents are related to the vaccine. The Norwegian government will also consider adjusting their vaccination instructions to take the patients’ health into more consideration.”

According to Global Times, which first broke the story, some mainstream US and British media are taking the lead in putting geopolitical labels on vaccines.

“They are meddling in political stances with the scientific attitude toward vaccines, using their propaganda to promote Pfizer vaccines and smearing Chinese vaccines”.

“If there needs to be some comparison, then China’s inactivated vaccine definitely has more solid foundation in safety than Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine”.

The inactivated vaccine technology has been very mature and has undergone decades of clinical testing.

“But it is the first time that the mRNA technology was applied to the vaccine. This large-scale promotion of Pfizer’s vaccine is a continuous process of large-scale testing on human beings,” the editorial read.

The Pfizer vaccine has been strongly promoted by the US administration and capital.

“Their potential risk has been deliberately downplayed by Western public opinion. And public opinion has created an impression that Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine, which is being used for the first time, is safer than the Chinese vaccine”.

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Boeing assisting with investigation in Indonesia flight crash

Indonesian authorities have downloaded the flight data recorder (FDR) belonging to the crashed Boeing 737-500, the country’s National Transportation Safety Committee said on Friday.




Srivijayair Indonesia

San Francisco, Jan 16 : American airplane giant Boeing has said that its technical experts are assisting with investigation in last week’s Sriwijaya Air plane crash.

“Boeing technical experts are assisting with the investigation and we continue to offer any support needed during this difficult time,” the company said in a statement on Sunday.

“Our thoughts are with the Sriwijaya Air flight SJ-182 crew, passengers and their families,” Xinhua news agency quoted Boeing as saying.

The Boeing 737-500 passenger aircraft with 62 people aboard slammed into the Java Sea on January 9, minutes after take-off from Jakarta en route to Indonesian city of Pontianak in West Kalimantan province.

Indonesian authorities have downloaded the flight data recorder (FDR) belonging to the crashed Boeing 737-500, the country’s National Transportation Safety Committee said on Friday.

As many as 239 body bags containing human remains had been retrieved and 12 victims have been identified after forensic examinations in the police’s hospital as of Thursday.

The National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) has retrieved data from the flight data recorder (FDR), but the search team is still looking for the aircraft’s CVR.

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