TDP’s Galla Gives curse to PM Modi, says BJP will be decimated in 2019

New Delhi, July 20 :Opening the debate on the no-confidence motion against Narendra Modi government  in Lok Sabha on Friday, Telugu Desam Party lawmaker Jayadev Galla  gave a curse to PM Narendra  Modi that Bharatiya Janta party will be decimated in Andhra Pradesh for the betrayal  and said, “The saga of Andhra Pradesh during this Modi-Shah regime is a saga of empty promises.”

Galla launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah ad said “You (PM) are singing a different tune which people of Andhra Pradesh are keenly observing and they would give you a befitting reply in the upcoming polls. BJP will be decimated in AP the way Congress was if people of Andhra Pradesh are cheated. Mr PM, it’s not a threat, it’s a ‘shraap’.”

“The Modi regime is creating uncertainties,” Galla said, reminding the BJP of its promises to the people of Andhra Pradesh.

“The TDP  has moved the proceedings over four factors applicable to Andhra Pradesh:Lack of fairness,Lack of trust
Lack of priority,Lack of unbiased approach,” he said.

The MP from the former NDA constituent made his points before Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan.

As soon as the debate started, Galla,the MP from Guntur said, “I move the debate that the opposition doesn’t have confidence in the council of ministers.PM Modi and Amit Shah government is a government of empty promises,BJP declared a war on TDP,it is a war of discrimination, it is a Dharma Yuddh,It is a war between majority and morality,This motion has been brought due to lack of fairness, trust, priority and un-biased approachTelangana is not the new state, AP is the new state,We face the challenge of building institutions and industry.”


Raising special status demand , Galla reminded PM Modi of what he had said during the election campaign ahead of the 2014 polls: “Congress killed the mother, saved the child. If I had been there I would have saved the mother too.” Galla said people of Andhra Pradesh fell for this and we decided to be with Modi. But instead of saving Andhra Pradesh, the PM through his Finance Minister announced no Special status would be given to us. If they do, other states will demand too. It’s a baseless and trivial statement. The finance minister should know the difference between the two. Cabinet has approved status for Andhra Pradesh.”

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) supremo Chandrababu Naidu expressed a desire for Jayadev Galla to open the debate in Lok Sabha on Friday, even though another MP Kesineni Srinivas originally moved the motion.

Telugu Desam Party (TDP)’s Jayadev Galla was speaking first as his party had moved the motion.

Galla categorically asked how the PM could go back on the word of his predecessor asking how a nation could function in that manner. “Mr PM do you have any respect for commitments made by your predecessor? Should you even have a choice?”

‘Per capita income gap will only widen’
TDP’s MP said the bifurcation has had an impact on the per capita income of its five crore people. “Despite growing at the fastest pace among southern states, the gap in per capita income is clearly visible and if this continues it will only widen, according to reports.” Galla also said 90 per cent of institutions have gone to Telangana following bifurcation and Andhra Pradesh is left with no institute of national repute.




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