Tapasvi PM Modi is full of arrogance: Priyanka

Ratlam, May 13 Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Monday mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling him a “tapasvi” full of arrogance. She was addressing a rally for the Congress candidate from Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls himself a great tapasvi. He says he has done a lot of great things because of 50 years of his ‘tapasya’ (penance). Tapasya destroys arrogance, anger and hatred, but the arrogance of the Modi government has only grown bigger.

“It has grown so big that the Prime Minister campaigns across the country, but cannot make time to visit a single farmer in his constituency even for five minutes. He only reaches out to people through big rallies,” she said.

According to Priyanka: “Modi has time only to travel the world and meet world leaders. He has no time for farmers and the poor. He promised two crore jobs for the country’s youth but he doesn’t have time even for the unemployed youth.”

The Congress leader was indirectly referring to an interview given by Modi in which he said that it was 45 years of his ‘tapasya’, “not the Khan Market gang or Lutyen’s club” that had contributed to his image.

In a scathing attack on Modi, Priyanka said: “A person who practices tapasya does not build the structure of his power on oppression of helpless people. He does not make fun of tribals and destroy their right on their land. The truth is that the BJP destroyed the land acquisition law, which was brought by the Congress.”

“The Prime Minister could not get farmers adequate price for their produce. He was silent on suicides by 12,000 farmers. And if that wasn’t enough, when thousands of farmers trekked to the national capital with folded hands, Modi turned them away from his door,” she said.

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