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Farmers Protest
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Resume dialogue with farmers, Punjab CM to Modi

Intelligence reports also suggest that with the Assembly elections in Punjab scheduled early next year, ISI-led Khalistani and Kashmiri terror outfits are planning terrorist actions in the state in the near future.
farmers agitation
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Save Agriculture and Democracy: Farmers urge President Kovind

Dr. Dhawale added that as the first guardian of our Constitution created by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and others, the farmers had hoped that the President would refuse to give assent to such unconstitutional and undemocratic anti-farmer laws, but he (President) did not.
Supreme Court
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Roads should not be blocked: Supreme Court

Justice Kaul observed, "We are not concerned, how you resolve this issue, whether politically, administratively or judicially. We have said this before that roads should not be blocked."
Sushmita Dev
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BJP destroying country build by Gandhi, Nehru: Congress

The BJP is destroying the country that was built by Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, the President of the All India Mahila Congress, Sushmita Dev, said here on Friday while addressing a gathering organised by her party demanding the withdrawal of all the three Central farm laws.
narendra singh tomar
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Ready for any alternative to law repeal demand, Tomar to farmers

Tomar, who is leading the negotiations on behalf of the government, has repeatedly reiterated that whatever provisions would be appropriate in the interests of the farmers of the country, the Modi government would consider including them in the new farm laws.
SatyaGraha for Hathras
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Maharashtra Congress seeks justice for Hathras victim with ‘satyagraha’

“The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party government there is trying to hide something or protect someone, right from the beginning in this brutal case. The victim’s family was not permitted to meet anyone. The leader of opposition and even the media were forcibly stopped from meeting the family,” said Congress President and Revenue Minister Balasaheb Thorat.
PM Modi and Amit Shah
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Amit Shah’s speech shows no concern for Indian masses

The current government cannot sustain for long if it collaborates with corporates to benefit some selected  businessmen to get funds for the elections. How will a common man trust the government which is hand in glove with the Corporates and crushes the common man for votes.