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Jitin Prasada
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Congress letter aftermath: Jitin being targeted in his home constituency

Former Union Minister Kapil Sibal took to Twitter to allege that Jitin was being officially targeted in Uttar Pradesh. "Unfortunate that Jitin Prasada is being officially targeted in UP. Congress needs to target the BJP with surgical strikes instead of wasting its energy by targeting its own," said Sibal.
Sonia and Rahul Gandhi
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Rahul Gandhi2.0 likely in April

Sandeep Dikshit in an interview questioned the party's "continued inaction" mode. And also named senior leaders who should contribute "more" in the decision making.
Rahul Gandhi
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No surprises. It’s Rahul Gandhi again!

After Rahul Gandhi resigned as Congress President post the poor showing of the party in the Lok Sabha elections, and stuck to his stand of not going back, the party agreed to go through the process of choosing a person from outside the Gandhi family.