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Karnataka political saga

In such a political scenario, 16 MLAs of the ruling alliance have resigned, and the BJP is being charged by the JD(S) and the Congress of poaching its MLAs.
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EVMs, a threat to Democracy

Opposition leader Boko said, "Since independence, Botswana has received international acclaim for holding free and fair elections and other democratic credentials. We cannot afford to negate such an impeccable record through an unnecessary use of EVMs. 
Narendra Modi
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Four years of Modi: an era of all round disaster

Modi Govt has made it necessary for all those who cherish secular democracy, economic development and the parliamentary democratic set-up to unite urgently to resist the fascistic onslaught which may restrain the present regime from further damaging our country.
kapil sibal
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A dangerous incursion

The government’s opposition to the elevation of the Chief Justice of the Uttarakhand High Court, Justice K.M. Joseph,…
kapil sibal
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Failing the law

There are two essential elements of a constitutional republic. First, the law and not men are supreme. Second,…
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Why are India’s farmers committing suicide?

The crisis provided an opportunity to try more adventurous "remedies"; farmers were cornered into using expensive, genetically-engineered seeds, even when these added heavily to the cost of cultivation of crops like cotton, further indebting them.
Pradyuman Thakur
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Crime and callousness

Justice, in all its manifestations, is essential if the culture of democracy is to flourish. Unbiased investigations are essential to delivering justice to the victims of crime.
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The PEW survey: the good and bad

The survey states that BJP supporters expressed more favourable opinion on the Indian economy than the Congress supporters and that is understandable as why they should say otherwise.
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Rethinking World Bank ranking

India has a long way to go. It would be in the fitness of things for the government to lay out a roadmap for businesses at the bottom of the pyramid and work hard to address their issues.
press freedom in india
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Critical need to ensure freedom of India’s free press

"The Free Press is a cornerstone of democracy. People have the need to know. Journalists have the right to tell. Finding the facts can be difficult. Reporting the story can be dangerous. Freedom includes the right to be outrageous. Responsibility includes the right to be fair. News is history in the making. Journalists provide the first draft of history. A Free Press, at its very best, reveals the truth."
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PM Modi fails to end slavery tag from India

Instead of taking measures to end the slavery in India, the Indian intelligence bureau has warned that “global documentation on slavery is increasingly targeting India as home to the highest number of slaves in the world,” and called PM Modi for a strong campaign to “discredit” the information.