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Omar Abdullah
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Another photo of Omar Abdullah surfaces

In January 2020, Omar's photograph wearing a woollen cap and sporting a long white beard surfaced on social media and went viral. Omar was seen smiling with snow in the backdrop.
Imran Khan Pakistan PM
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Imran calls Kashmir ‘jugular vein’

All of Pakistan was united against India's "illegal, unilateral, reckless and coercive attempt to alter the status of occupied Kashmir" and added that his country would never leave Kashmiris alone.
Rahul Gandhi
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Jammu and Kashmir admin asks Rahul, leaders not to visit Srinagar

Earlier this month, Gandhi also had a run-in with Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satyapal Malik on Twitter. The Governor had said that Gandhi was trying to politicise the matter of Jammu and Kashmir and that he should visit the valley if he wants to know the "real ground situation."
Article 370 Jammu and Kashmir
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Article 370 made redundant, not scrapped

Article 370 is operationally dead, though not scrapped yet, after this notification by the government. This article will continue to remain in the Constitution, but it's redundant.