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India’s uncertain economic future

Giving a major blow to the already sluggish economy, Rating agencies India Ratings and Research and Moody's Investors  Service have downgraded Punjab National Bank’s (PNB) long-term issuer rating and deposit rating, respectively.
Narendra Modi-Xi Jinping
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Narendra Modi-Xi jinping meet : Agendas and priorities

The politics by Modi government is putting national security at risk by not acknowledging the construction of roads, seven helipads, trenches and deploying of military vehicles by the Chinese PLA near the face-off site in Doklam from December to January 2018.
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Impact of US trade war with China

As of December 2017, China owned $1.2 trillion in Treasurys. It is being reported that the U.S. debt to China is lower than the record-high of $1.3 trillion held in November 2013.
lenin statue in Tripura
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India under Modi’s rule

Two statues of Russian Communist icon Vladimir Lenin were brought down in Tripura by the BJP workers and supporters amid slogans of "Bharat Mata ki Jai" reminds India under a fascist rule.
PM Modi and Amit Shah
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Amit Shah’s speech shows no concern for Indian masses

The current government cannot sustain for long if it collaborates with corporates to benefit some selected  businessmen to get funds for the elections. How will a common man trust the government which is hand in glove with the Corporates and crushes the common man for votes.