Syria’s chemical attack reverses Trump’s Foreign Policy

Donald Trump

Chemical attack in the rebel -held  town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province  that killed more than 80 people has dramatically reversed /changed the Trump’s policies on many foreign issues that tagged him as a leader of change during campaigning.


Within 100 days of his presidency,Donald Trump made a significant shift on NATO by declaring that Nato is no longer obsolete  during a joint news conference with Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg .During his high decibel campaign ,Trump had blamed the military alliance of costing the United States too much money .

Trump’s policy on China

Secondly  Trump and Obama used to term China as a currency manipulator because it used to dump its exports in the US markets at low price but now US President has abandoned his campaign saying ” Beijing is not a currency manipulator.” and a US declaration of Chinese manipulation could jeopardise the America’s interests in containing the threat posed by North Korea.”Trump said ” I think we had a very good chemistry together,I am impressed with president Xi on dealing with North Korea.”

Trump’s policy on US-Russia Ties

From his days of campaigning ,Donald insisted that during his presidency US-Russia relations will be an all time high and friendly and had said that “I never met Putin ,I don’t know who Putin is but he said that I’m a genius “

But now Trump has reversed his position or one can say has adopted previous US foreign policy on Russia saying ” Right now, we’re not getting  along with Russia at all .We may be at an all-time low in terms of relationship with Russia .”

Trump changed his policy on Russia keeping in view the ongoing investigations into the  Russian influence in the 2016 Presidential elections and the contacts between his campaign associates and the Russian officials . As Congress was deeply  concerned about alleged Trump-Russian officials relations  and the impact on US security that now Trump  thought to keep Putin at an arm’s length for favorable political environment at home.Trump even said that President Vladimir Putin knew about the chemical attack in Syria.

Janet Yellen

During 2016 presidential campaign , Trump had accused Ms Janet Yellen of manipulating interest rates to help Former President Obama politically ,as lower rates boosted economic growth and stated that he would replace Yellen when her term ends next year but now he refuse to replace her  and said ” I like her,I respect her.”

Export-Import Bank

Trump now favours Obama’s policy of supporting Export-Import Bank arguing that Ex-Im Bank is important  for US companies  to compete with other countries  which guarantee loans to vendor companies.

Trump’s policy on Syria and Assad

Earlier Trump’s administration was not in favour of replacing Bashar al-Assad but after the chemical attack in Idilb Trump now considers replacement of Assad  as a pre-requisite to the end of Syria’s “brutal” civil war.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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