Syrian rebels breakthrough Aleppo seige

syrian refugees

The Syrian Air Force intensified airstrikes on the rebels in Aleppo province on Saturday, cutting off all routes that the militants could open into the city.

The airstrikes destroyed tens of vehicles with their occupants on several routes that could lead the rebels into breaking the government siege on the eastern part of Aleppo, Xinhua news agency reported.

The airstrikes isolated the battle sites in the vicinity of the military colleges in southern Aleppo, supporting the ground operations fought by the Syrian army against the sites infiltrated by the rebel groups.

Military sources said that the intense battles were still raging in the military bases of the city, in a bid to prevent the rebels from advancing farther.

In July, the Syrian army cut off the last supply route into the eastern part of that city but fighting flared up as several rebel groups in Aleppo unleashed repeated attacks to break that siege.

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