Syrian Man arrested for killing Austrian Girl


Berlin, Jan 15 ;A 19-year old Syrian man was arrested in connection with the killing and sexually harassing the teenage girl near Vienna.

The body of a teenager, who was allegedly strangled, was found in a park in the Lower Austrian city of Wiener Neustadt.

He was reportedly her ex-boyfriend, had been on the police radar on suspicion of assaulting and sexually harassing the girl, but was able to keep his asylum status.
According to media reports, he was an ex-boyfriend of the victim, whose body was found hidden under leaves and branches in a local park on 13 January.

The suspect,named Yazan A is an asylum seeker from Syria and has confessed that he strangled the teenager, the public prosecutor’s office in Wiener Neustadt has revealed.

According to Austrian law stipulates that only serious crimes like rape, homicide, or armed robbery are grounds for revoking asylum status.

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