Syria rules out talks with Kurdish forces

Turkish Operation Syria

Damascus, Oct 13 Syria has ruled out any communication with the Kurdish forces amid the ongoing Turkish assault against them in northern Syria, pro-government al-Watan newspaper reported on Sunday.

Jayez Mousa, Governor of Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah told al-Watan that the negotiation with the Kurdish forces is unlikely “as they were the reason behind the current Turkish assault in northeastern Syria”, Xinhua reported.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) supported the U.S. military presence in northeastern Syria, he noted.

The Governor’s remarks come as Turkey has been on a crushing offensive against the Kurdish forces in northern Syria since Wednesday.

The Syrian government accuses the Kurdish forces of refusing to negotiate with Damascus and insisting on their separatist plan in northeastern and northern Syria.

According to Mousa, the Turkish forces and their allies of Syrian rebels have captured the key city of Ras al-Ayn in Hasakah Province with the collapse of the SDF fighters there.

A total of 21,400 families have been displaced from Hasakah as a result of the Turkish assault, he said, adding the SDF fighters are setting up mortar launchers in residential areas to “protect themselves”.

On Wednesday, Turkey started the military campaign in northern Syria to eliminate the SDF and its umbrella the People’s Protection Units, which are both deemed by Ankara as separatists and terrorists.

The Turkish operation also aims to create a safe zone in northern Syria and resettle millions of Syrian refugees.

It came after the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from northern Syria, which was seen as a sign of abandoning the Kurdish forces that are considered as Washington’s allies in fighting the Islamic State militants in Syria.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has issued two statements since the beginning of the Turkish operation, accusing Ankara of targeting residential areas and causing deaths among civilians while holding the Kurdish forces responsible for the Turkish campaign.

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