SYL Canal row: Amarinder Singh, Congress MLAs resign over SC verdict


After Punjab faced a huge setback as Supreme Court on Thursday declared the state’s 2004 law intended to deny Haryana its share of Sutlej-Yamuna water as unconstitutional, Congress MP Amarinder Singh resigned from the Lok Sabha as a sign of protest.

This decision comes ahead of Punjab elections. Blaming Prakash Singh Badal’s government for the failure, all Congress MLAs have sent their resignation to the Congress party chief Amarinder Singh.

The apex court has ruled that Haryana will get the water from the canal, SC stated that Punjab has no right to break the agreement on water sharing with Haryana. The top court has directed the Centre to continue the work on the canal.

The tension between Haryana and Punjab has been ongoing over sharing of water through the controversial Sutlej-Yamuna Link (SYL) Canal. Earlier in 2004, Punjab assembly repealed the water agreement with Haryana via passing a bill.

The Punjab Assembly, in 2004, had abrogated the water agreement with Haryana by passing a bill in the Punjab assembly. The Congress was in power in Punjab at that time. The bill went to the President for assent and was referred to the Supreme Court after Haryana objected to it.

Earlier, Prakash Singh Badal in a speech said that “he and his government would not accept the verdict of even the apex court if it went against the interests of Punjab.” The statement was criticized in the Haryana Assembly last week.His resignation is just a drama – Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal on Captain Amarinder Singh’s resignation as MP.

Prakash Singh Badal made remarks on Amarinder Singh resignation, he said that it is just a drama.

Amarinder Singh speaks to the media

Amarinder Singh, while talking to media, said that he and all the MLAs have resigned and they will go to the assembly tomorrow. Singh has sent his resignation to the speaker. “I am very disappointed and sad for Punjab because of Supreme Court’s verdict on the same issue,” Singh said.

Commenting on Badal’s remarks on him, Amarinder said that once the election comes he will know who is doing drama. Amarinder Singh is the Congress’ chief ministerial candidate for the upcoming elections. Singh further added that “I have been saying this for long that he (Punjab CM Parkash Singh Badal) must retire, let somebody else come.”

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