Swimwear trends to look out for this year

Swimwear trends

New Delhi, July 14: Experiment with your swimwear and invest in one-piece swimsuits with D-rings and laces, halter pieces and colourful bikinis, say experts.

Rosmin Kunnathottathil, co-founder of (online lingerie store) and Naaila Khan, fashion editor at, have listed the latest trends:

* One-piece design: If you feel shy about exposing your whole body, the one-piece swimsuit design is the perfect solution for you. They will cover the large part of women’s body and provide a confident look.

From using D-rings and laces to connect the front and back-end, and incorporating novel wrap designs to hide the mid section, side designed one-piece is a great solution if you want to skip the bikini.

colorful biknis

* The mini tee: In 2016, halter and sports bra-style tops were a rage. This year is all about the mini tee. Whether the sleeves are ruffled and off-the-shoulder, or full-shoulder caps, it amps the entire look.

* Bikini: There are a lot of styles when it comes to bikini wear for you to experiment with.

The halter: Instead of two flimsy strings barely holding up around your neck, you could try a top style that offers more support. The trick is to get your halter in a bold colour – a busy pattern can sometimes look too old school.

halter peices

The Bandeau: For those girls more lightly endowed on the chest, the bandeau is a great on-trend style to try. However, if you pick a very juvenile design, you might end up looking like that awkward six-year-old with arm floaties in the pool. The different kind of bandeaus include cover-ups and kimonos, bustiers and there are some colourful prints available too.

* One strap bras: One-piece, one strap trend is something that makes great bodysuits for your after-beach dinner.

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