Swamy acussed Modi government for pressurising CSO to give out good data on demonetisation


Known for his shrilling remarks the BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, this time roasted his own party with a controversial remark on Modi Government.

The Rajya Sabha leader while speaking at an event in Ahmedabad he said that the Modi government pressurised CSO officials to present a data which shows that demonetisation has not effected the GDP growth and economy of the country. According to a report published in Indian Express swamy told accountants,” “Please do not go by the quarterly (GDP) data; they are all bogus. I am telling you, because my father founded the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO)…. Recently, I went there with (Union) minister Sadananda Gowda…. He called the CSO person, because there was pressure to put out data on demonetisation. So they put out the (GDP) data (saying) that there is no impact (of demonetisation).”

He also added,”I am feeling nervous because I know there is an impact. So I asked the director of CSO, ‘how did you estimate the GDP for this quarter when the demonetisation was on November (2016) and you gave a printed economic survey report on February 1 (2017), which means it went for printing at least three weeks before. So on the first week of January (2017) you submit a report and you calculate GDP to show no impact. How did you calculate it?’”

Meanwhile answering his question the official told him that ‘he was in a pressure to give out data and he gave it.’ “So he tells me, that the informal sector’s output last year as a ratio of the formal sector’s output last year, that ratio was applied to the organised sector in January. I told him that relationship has changed. He said, ‘what will I do? I was under pressure to give the data and so I gave it’.” He advised the audience only to rely on annual GDP figures.

Swamy also gave a comment on Rating agencies saying that they can be paid for better ranking.

With Inputs from Indian Express 

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