Surprising reasons behind not losing weight


New Delhi, Sep 7: Many people worried about their weight, that they are eating less but not losing weight. A few others say they are exercising but not losing weight on scales.

Take a closer look at it and find the reasons.

Walia Murshida Huda, Senior Wellness Consultant at Healthians and Angeli Misra, co-founder of Lifeline Laboratory, shared possible reasons why you are not losing weight.

* Lacks a healthy mix: Weight loss diet must be limiting with calorie rich foods.

* Stop eating more after workout: Some feel hungrier after workout otherwise consume more calories than losing.

* Hypothyroidism: People who have sluggish thyroid or hypothyroidism do not lose weight easily.

* PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease): Body increases in weight due to hormonal imbalance.

* Stress: People who are stressed find it difficult to lose weight due to the increased secretion of stress hormone cortisol.

* Sitting more and moving less at work: Exercising regularly is good, but being physically inactive for long hours may also affect the weight loss regime.

* High blood sugar levels: High blood sugar levels can affect your weight loss regime.

* Alcohol – Drinking alcohol in excess causes problems in weight loss. One reason is that alcohol itself adds to the calorie intake.

* Some medications: Some anti- depressants and anti-allergic can cause problems in losing weight.

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