Surgical Strikes: Dragging Army for countering Opposition in Uttar Pradesh elections

surgical strikes

When India was deeply hurt by the increasing number of terror attacks entailing large casualties on the Armed Forces, surgical strikes were conducted on terror launch pads across LoC to check further infiltration of terrorists ..But PM Modi and his ministers resorted to publicizing these strikes to draw political mileage in view of impending Uttar Pradesh and other state elections due in early 2017. The decision of BJP to use Surgical strikes as poll issue is a most condemn-able act.

The first and foremost thing has been to conduct such strikes even in past years but they were not publicized which may lead to escalation of terrorist activities from the terror outfits located in Pakistan.

Now,as a matter of policy, India never ever publicized any such strikes across the LoC in the past years in retailiation to terror attacks. And these surgical strikes were conducted to avenge Uri terrror attack which followed previous terror attacks in Pathankot, Gurdaspur and Udampur etc. The Indian Army has been conducting such strikes even in the past but previous regimes showed wisdom not to publicize these for political gains and to ensure that the matters do not get escalated.

But BJP leaders have chosen to continuously publicise such strikes and provoke the terror outfits which is resulting in increase in infiltration and terror attacks almost on daily basis. This is leading to harassment of troops who are eventually getting exhausted.

PM Modi officially declaring that he displayed the “political will” by giving nod to Surgical Strikes is creating such a tense atmosphere along the Indo-Pak border and the LoC in Kashmir where villages have been evacuated and our forces are forced to keep alert continuously for terror acts as well as Pakistan’s official military response.

When our economy is already under stress this additional burden on maintaining war like situation will put extra unexpected burden on our resources. The wars are fought on the strength of economy and Modi’s men should bear this in mind.

arti bali

By Arti Bali
Senior Journalist
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