Superstition! Tantriks beat pregnant woman with hot tongs to death


Superstitions can take people up to so malicious extent that they can become murderer of humanity. In the recent heart wrenching case of a village Samogar, situated near Agra, where a 22-year-old pregnant woman was brutally beaten to death by two tantriks during an “exorcism” ritual, police said on Tuesday.

According to locals who informed Police that the deceased, a mother of a girl was pregnant while their in-laws wanted a son.

They invited tantriks to their house. They said she was under the influence of some evil spirits which had to be exorcised. The woman was taken to an isolate place along the Yamuna bank and sand rubbed all over her body before being branded with hot ‘chimtas’ (tongs).

As the woman collapsed, the family members fled, but villagers managed to hold the tantriks till police came and held them.

The village Samogar comes under Dauki thana, 20 km from the city.

Meanwhile, Police has arrested both the so called Tantriks.

India is progressing ahead with the new norms of changes, but it is unbelievable that there are still some areas where people are lacking behind with outdated beliefs. In the time when women are shining in the world with their best efforts in every field some orthodox still exist which force people to go with the cheap thinking of inequality.

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