Sunny leone appealing youngsters to drop cigarette


Actress @SunnyLeone giving a meassage to all the youngsters who are non smokers and are thinking to start smoking then avoid the idea.

Actress Sunny Leone while launching a special anti-smoking advertisement featuring her and ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ actor Deepak Dobriyal said“For the youngsters out there, if you haven’t started smoking yet or thinking about it, don’t pick up that first cigarette. It’s not worth for the good health, and it’s not cool. If you want to try, just think twice before trying it,” 

“Smoking is injurious for health. This is something very close to my heart, my father passed away from cancer because of smoking cigarettes,” said Leone.

“I want younsters not to smoke and live a safe and healthy life. Unfortunately, you can not  force anybody to drop cigarette but you can tell people to stop smoking .If the government, restaurant owners warns people that they can not smoke inside their buildings, then that would be the first step,” she added.

The director Vibhu Puri also known as Alok Nath has made an informative advertisement titled as ’11 minutes’.
The concept of the advertisement revolves around Deepak’s character who is on the final stage of life and his family members  trying to know and fulfill his last wish – of meeting up with Sunny’s character, which creates a humorous climax.

Actress sunny leone Stating about her  own first experiences of smoking,, “It was gross, disgusting. It never has been for me, and it’ll continue to be that way.”

She also added, “I’ve been lucky, my co-stars before smoking cigarettes always ask, ‘Do you mind? if I smoke’, I tell them it’s fine if they go a bit far. I personally don’t like second-hand smoke, it is as deadly as smoking a cigarette.”

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