Suicide car bomber targets Somalia’s Mogadishu restaurant, 17 killed


Mogadishu, June 15, 2017: At least seventeen people were killed and twenty-six injured when a suicide car bomber and gunmen targeted two popular in the capital Somalia, Mogadishu on Wednesday.

Police officer Mohamed Nur confirmed to media about the bomb attack which hit the Posh Restaurant in Hodan district claimed eight lives.

“We can now confirm eight people were killed in the bomb attack. The attackers used a vehicle loaded with explosives and rammed into the restaurant,” Nur was quoted as saying.

The explosion also hit Pizza House which is located opposite to Posh Restaurant. The two restaurants are frequented by government officials and young people.

Police cordoned off the whole district surrounding Mogadishu’s Pizza House, which is adjacent to the Posh Hotel where the suicide bomber attacked first, witnesses said.

Heavy gunfire could be heard as gunmen fought inside the restaurant, frequented by local youth and public servants.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks but Al-Shabaab terrorist group has been behind similar attacks in the capital.

Wefornews Bureau

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