Subhash Velingker restores himself, blames Parrikar

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Former RSS Goa Chief, Subhash Velingkar on Thursday restored himself in his previous post and told that until the next assembly polls, Goa unit of the RSS will work independently.

The sacking of Velingker initiated over 300 RSS Karyakartas in Goa to resign on Wednesday night. The resignation of so many RSS workers means that the RSS unit in Goa is no more functioning and as Karyakartas he and others are reviving the Sangh organisation.

Velingker said that “All the district officer-bearers and other RSS workers from the state resigned on Wednesday. So technically, the Goa RSS unit is defunct. As Karyakartas, we are reviving the Sangh organisation. Also, we declare that we are no longer a vibhag of the Konkan prant, but a prant in itself.”

He further added that they will send reports of the activities of the unit to the RSS headquarters in Nagpur, whether the headquarter accept them or not. As of now, the unit in Goa will not take directions from Nagpur until 2017 state elections.

Velingkar has blamed Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar behind his dismissal. He said that Parrikar asked Nitin Gadkari to sack him.

“Nitin Gadkari has been appointed as secretary for the upcoming state assembly elections in Goa in order to ensure that BJP wins. That is his task and he will work according to that responsibility. On Parrikar’s pressure, he has sacked me. This was his first task,” Velingkar said.

When Parrikar was the Chief Minister of Goa, he promised Velingkar to fulfil his demands which were to discontinue the grant being given to English medium schools and to encourage primary education in Konkani and Marathi but Parrikar continued the grants and “betrayed” Velingkar tricking him on the issue.

Parrikar authorized the grants to be continued on his last day as the CM of Goa. Earlier, he told Velingkar that he was going to stop the grants but he did not do the same leaving Velingkar very angry.

Velingkar’s rebel against the BJP is a major setup for the party as it will loose its voters. He organised rallies under BBSM (Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch) banner and said “He (Parrikar) stabbed us in the back. Let us teach them (BJP) a lesson. If they don’t listen to us be ready for an alternative.”

His supporters see a BJP hand in his removal. “RSS is a parent body. Goa BJP cannot dictate terms to the RSS,” said a senior RSS leader Jayant Leleeven as volunteers shouted “Shame, Shame.”

The RSS has however claimed that Velingkar had political ambitions and was therefore removed from the state Sangh Chalak post.

RSS claims that Velingkar was removed from state Sangh Chalak post because he had political ambitions. However, according to Velingkar he was just against the BJP-led coalition in Goa for its English education policies and criticized Parrikar for the same.

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