Students were trained to call PM ‘Kaka Modi’

New Delhi, Sep 18: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday celebrated his 68th birthday with government primary school students at Narur village in Varanasi.

During his visit, Modi received a warm welcome and was addressed as “Kaka Modi” by the school kids.

For this special gesture, the school students were trained for a week to wish PM Modi on his 68th birthday, Hindi newspaper Jansatta reported citing the Telegraph sources.

The school kids gifted handmade cards and flowers to their ‘Kaka Modi’. The Prime Minister also interacted with 200 ASHA volunteers and Anganwadi workers.

One of the students Amit Gupta later told media “Modi Kaka paid a visit to our school today. I’m very happy. He said, ‘If you play (kheloge), you’ll bloom (khilogey).”

The Prime Minister also gave return gifts to the children and also advised them that they should never feel afraid to ask questions as this is an important aspect of learning.


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