Stop running, live the present


New Delhi, June 3, 2017: Everybody has its own home of dreams, wishes and desires which change with every new phase of life. We keep on moving and try to chase something the entire life and in the last, we found that while in the long run of trying to chase something we reach to the ultimate end.

It must be understood that living the present should be the only goal of your life. As early you realise it, smoother your path will be. If you have understood the value of  Today, you can never loose tomorrow.

In the end, you will realise you did not run away from the present in the search of better future but you have made the best present by living in it. You will understand the true meaning of life and your hidden powers which can change your life.girlAlways remember that you can never live the future, as before living in the future it goes out of our hand. There is only the present which can make your journey memorable and beautiful. You will realise what the happiness is, which is only inside you.

If there is heaven on this earth, then it’s here only. You will also feel the same.manIn Today’s time, where everywhere is competition, everyone is running in the horse race to reach the destination. Some in the search of satisfaction and betterment but they just end with reaching to the last and spent the crucial hours in just running.

From the morning hours of opening eyes, starting all that daily stuff, household chores, office work, to the dark night of tiring day and going to sleep, do we give a single time to us to think what you want, when you can get satisfaction or simply can you have ever asked yourself are you living your life??girlOnly you know the answer to this question. So start realising the essence of presence before you also reach the dead end.

By- Shivangi Raghav

 Wefornews Bureau

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