Stents vanished from city hospitals

New Delhi, 17 Feb, 2017: Reportedly, the manufacturers and distributors have taken back the latest generation of cardiac stents from most of the city hospitals with a lame excuse to re-label them and forcing patients to settle for outdated versions.

On the other hand, in the centres where the stents have not been physically removed are ordered to not offer the ‘high-end’ varieties to patients.

This is despite the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority’s (NPPA) clear orders that manufacturers, importers and retailers are to implement the price cap without trying to create any artificial shortage.

Stents are estimated to be Rs. 7, 260 and the drug-eluting and bioresporable stents to be Rs. 29,600 on Monday. The NPPA has now written to all chief secretaries to ensure compliance of price capping and availability.

As per the reports in TOI, cardiologists told TOI on Thursday that bioresorbable vascular scaffold (BVS)— the fourth generation and most recent one that dissolves into the body after healing the diseased artery—is practically unavailable.

As per a senior cardiologist from Bombay Hospital, the companies have taken it away for pasting the new rates, but our fear is they will not return to hospitals any time soon.” The latest version of the drug eluting stents (DES) too has been whisked away from most centres.

It has been reported that each of these categories of stents used to be sold for more than Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh before their price was fixed at Rs 29,600. Another cardiac surgeon Dr Pavan Kumar stated many centres had to postpone angioplasties on Wednesday because of confusion at the stentmakers’ and suppliers’ end.

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