Stem cell therapy treats severe burns


Mumbai, June 23: Burn injuries are painful and the treatment is also a long process. A 26-year-old patient with Grade 2 burn injuries was successfully treated with stem cell therapy at a city-based hospital, said doctors.

Anand Tiwari suffered burns accidentally after falling in a boiler unit. He suffered with Grade 2 and early Grade 3 burns in all parts of the body below his neck.

When admitted to the city based StemRx Bioscience Solutions hospital, he had severe burning sensation, pain and swelling all over the body.

A treatment protocol was prepared by Pradeep Mahajan, a regenerative medicine researcher at Stemrx Bioscience Solutions Hospital.

Explaining the treatment procedure, Mahajan said: “This involved the use of growth factors and fibroblasts and collagen based gel. These biological agents stimulate natural healing mechanisms in the body.”

“The advantage of these growth factors is that they can be obtained from the patients’ own body and hence are safe and effective. Additionally, unlike conventional treatment options, biological agents promote faster recovery,” he said.

The treatment used to repeat continuously under stem call therapy so as to get rid of the problem completely.

“During the entire treatment, the patient was not given any closed dressing. He also underwent blood and supplementary fluid transfusion as required to maintain systemic homeostasis,” said Mahajan.

Positive impact of the treatment was seen within two-three days after the therapy started.

“Gradually, dry crusts started peeling and by the end of the third week, initial healing of most areas was complete. There was no odour or oozing from any wound and he did not complain of pain or burning sensation anymore.

“After a month-long treatment, healthy skin formation is being observed and further healing is progressing at an impressive rate,” said Mahajan, adding that in treatment through conventional modalities, it takes more than eight weeks for healing to happen and further several months for patient to be able to regain joint and facial movements.

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