State governments to launch measures to deal with population explosion: Modi

73rd Independence Day

New Delhi, Aug 15 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday expressed concern over “population explosion” in the country, saying it causes new challenges for the coming generations, and asserted that the central and state governments should launch measures to deal with the issue.

Modi has raised the issue as he is aware that his government has failed to provide jobs but his saffron brigade and his ministers have been asking people to have more than two children to outnumber Muslim population.

In his Independence Day speech, Modi said the issue of ever-rising population is a matter of concern and said that a small section of society, which keeps their families small, deserves respect. What they are doing is an act of patriotism, he said.

“Parents in India now need to give a serious thought to whether they will be able to fulfill their child’s dreams and aspirations and if they will be able to support a new life. I want to you from that section of the society that practices family planning. You will naturally see that a smaller family can be more happy and content. Your family will be away from diseases, will have more resources,” he said.

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