Star India wins BCCI media rights for INR 6138.1 Crore

New Delhi, April 5: Star India on Thursday won the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) media rights for a period of five years (2018-2023) with a whopping bid of INR 6138.1 Crores. 

Announcing the news, BCCI Treasurer, Annirudh Choudhry congratulated Star Sports India for bagging the BCCI Media Rights for 6138.1 crores at an average of 60.1 crore per game.

The rights have been brought for both, digital as well television platform.

Start sports India surpassed Sony and Reliance Jio to clinch the deal.

However, there is no official statement has been made by the BCCI  about which company secured the rights.

Initially, six companies were in the fray for the rights spread across three packages, with the latter being segmented in two categories: Indian sub-continent and Rest of the Globe including USA, Europe, Middle East and African regions amongst others.

The packages of rights on sale were Global Television and Rest of the World Digital Rights (GTVRD), Indian Subcontinent Digital Rights (ID), and the Global Consolidated Rights (GCR).


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