Sri Lanka backs out from SAARC summit


Sri Lanka on Friday communicated its reluctance to attend the forthcoming SAARC summit in Islamabad. Sri Lanka said that the current environment is not suitable for holding the summit.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombo stated that the SAARC authority shall take all the decisions on the basis of unanimity.

“Peace and security are essential elements for the success of meaningful regional cooperation for the benefit of the people of South Asia. As a founding member of Saarc, committed to regional cooperation, Sri Lanka hopes that the steps required to ensuring our region’s peace and security will be taken to create an environment that is conducive for the pursuit of regional cooperation,” it said.

Sri Lanka narrated that it condemns terrorism and asserted that the need to deal with the issue of terrorism is important.

Sri Lanka’s statement to not attend the SAARC summit comes after three days after India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan wrote Nepal regarding their unwillingness to attend the summit due to the current tensed environment.

As this happened, five members out of eight have backed out from the SAARC summit.

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