Spooky mysterious epic of Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh, 9 August: There is a mystery behind the spooky place of Rajasthan, the Bhangarh fort, which is located on the border of the Sariska Reserve in the Aravali range of hills in Jodhpur district.

The Bhangarh Fort was built in 17th-century by Man Singh (one of the navratans of Akbar’s court) for his grand son Madho Singh.bhangarh-wefornewsActually the place is now considered as a haunted site because of a story behind the fort.

It is said that a wizard named N.K. Sinha who knew the tricks of black magic fell in love with a princess Ratnavati. There was a queue of men who wanted to marry her as the princess was very beautiful. One day the 18-year-old princess went to buy perfume with her friends. The wizard saw this and replaced the perfume with a love potion in order to impress the princess. He gave the potion to her but Ratnavati poured it onto a big boulder nearby.ratnavati-wefornewsAs a result, boulder started rolling down towards the wizard and crushed him to death. But before dying, the wizard cursed that Bhangarh would be destroyed soon and no one would be able to live within its precincts. Subsequently, Bhangarh Fort was invaded by the Mughals from the north and the city was surrounded and sacked, around 10,000 people resided in the fort city at that time. All the people in the fort, including the princess, were killed.Bhangarh-wefornewsNow the current situation of the fort is said to be under the curse of the wizard. People believe that the ghosts and spirits of the princess and the wizard roam in the fort. Since that day, it is believed that paranormal activities occur here during the night. Some deaths have been reported due to these paranormal activities, too. There are sayings that some of the people’s spirit surrounds the boundary of the fort therefore no one can enter the premises after dark. The princess’s spirit has been forcefully abducted by the wizard. Since then, it is believed to be one of the real spooky attractions in Rajasthan.

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