Speed guns to shoot down speeding on Yamuna Expressway

yamuna expressway

Agra, July 29 Hand-held speed guns have now been introduced on the 165-km-long Yamuna Expressway to check drivers who manage to evade the speed detector cameras on the expressway.

On the first day on Sunday, the speed gun found at least 27 cars cruising at nearly 167 km per hour.

An Agra registered hatchback touched 162 kmph at milestone 148. Ten minutes later, a Gwalior registered SUV was found trying to overtake the hatchback at 167 kmph.

Major (retired) Manish Singh, coordinator in-charge of Yamuna Expressway, said: “There are 18 speed detector cameras installed on the expressway — a set of three cameras each on milestone 46, 66, 111, 104, 108 and 122.

“However, motorists continue to drive at high speed on this stretch. The drivers cleverly slow down their vehicles on noticing a high iron mast with speed cameras, and accelerate soon after crossing the monitoring area.”

He further said: “We have, therefore, decided to use hand-held speed guns at random locations to catch speeding drivers.”

The E-way team, at present, has focused to use speed guns between milestones 148 and 165.

Notably, several steps have been taken since July 8 when a speeding Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation bus fell into a deep drain near milestone 161 after jumping off the flyover. At least 29 passengers were killed and 25 injured in the fatal accident.

Singh further said that the innovative measure will also address the Agra traffic police’s concerns.

“The Agra police had often stated that speeding vehicles were being screened by security cameras at milestone 122 in Mathura jurisdiction. And these camera footages were then sent for processing at Agra toll plaza.

“The practice violated jurisdictions of the two district police. With no such cameras in Agra district limits, the use of hand-held speed guns will now help the Agra traffic police to curb flouting motorists,” he explained.

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