Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy admits defeat before no-confidence vote

Mariano Rajoy

Spain, June 1: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy conceded defeat ahead of the no-confidence vote on Friday. 

Pedro Sanchez, the leader of Spain’s opposition Socialist Party, on Friday became the country’s new Prime Minister after winning a parliamentary vote of no confidence that has abruptly removed the incumbent Popular Party from power.

Sanchez, 46, instantly became the Prime Minister-elect when he secured the needed majority of 176 votes out of 350 seats in the lower chamber, reports Efe news.

A loose multi-party coalition decided to oust incumbent premier Mariano Rajoy and his right-wing Popular Party following a national court verdict in which several of its former top officials were found guilty of setting up a vast network of corruption involved in fraudulent financial dealings including bribery, embezzlement, forgery, misuse of public funds, money laundering, tax crimes and influence peddling, among others.

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