SP feud- Did Amar Singh just ended another prem katha in UP?

Amar Singh

“One person has already done a lot of damage,” Minister for parliamentary affairs Mohammad Azam Khan.

“Party should identify the force that is putting son against father and brother against brother” – Naresh Agrawal, senior SP leader.

“He has done all the damage and he is creating a divide within the party and the family.” UP CM Akhilesh yadav.

“He is like my brother, he had saved me from being penalized and I consider him a lot.” SP Supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav.


The above mentioned excerpts are for one single person and he is none other than Amar Singh who had again proved his worth as a negotiator but in a negative sense this time in the name of the ongoing SP feud. Although Singh had often loved to quote that the SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav is like his elder brother and chief minister Akhilesh is like his son, but the unfolding developments clearly indicates a new low in  party’s love-hate relationship with Singh.

Amar Singh had already mentioned last month via his social media handles about some possible changes in the party in the month of October. And as the month of October surfaced, it came with bonhomie of events which did nothing rather than spoiling the image of the party.

Akhilesh Vs Amar-

The moment UP CM Akhilesh Yadav dismissed four ministers including uncle Shivpal who is now considered close to Amar Singh and sacked Jaya Prada from the post of vice chairperson of Uttar Pradesh Film Development Council, SP workers assembled outside the chief minister’s residence and raised slogans against Amar Singh.

Several senior leaders also vented their anger against party general secretary Amar Singh. They alleged him of being responsible for the ongoing feud in the first political family of the state. Since past few days, supporters of Akhilesh are busy in burning effigies of Amar Singh and smearing ink over his pictures in various districts of the state.

A poster war has also started between the supporters of both camps and in one of the latest posters on the Sultanpur road, Amar Singh has been shown as a dog whose tail could never be straighten and is being claimed as a BJP agent.

The poster had been put up by Er. Vinet kumar Kushwaha, a former student union secretary of Agra University.  And one Anil Yadav alias Master who identifies himself as Lucknow University Student union leader. Both of them had also shared their phone numbers in the posters.

Amar Singh- a man with multiple dimensions  

Amar Singh has not visited the state capital for a long time and is not even answering most of the calls. But it is being believed that he had spelled some gospel again and this time it might hurt the SP in a tremendous manner.

He was in Kolkata on Monday and enjoyed some fairly casual moments, he met some editors and appeared on a TV Show with Virender Sehwag. He even cracked a joke by claiming him as “Narad Muni” and cryptically said that he can freely travel and his passport is not confiscated.

He answered jokingly but hinted his role in the political turmoil in India’s biggest state.  By eating Kulfi and Golgappas at local eateries of Chaurangee, he did all to explain as if he is out of this family fiasco but claimed that UP will see a big change very soon.

Sources in political corridors told WFN that in past one month, Amar Singh has spent a lot of time with Mulayam and Shivpal. He tried to explain Mulayam Singh yadav about how he (Singh) should be in charge of distribution of tickets for the forthcoming polls. This move was hotly resented by Akhilesh and he started opposing Singh on all agendas.

Insiders claim that Amar Singh had even encouraged Mulayam’s step son Prateek to get into politics. Singh has also encouraged Prateek’s wife, Aparna to get into active politics and she is expected to fight as SP candidate in the forthcoming elections from Lucknow cantt seat.

Singh has even introduced the two as the “future faces” of the party in a party of corporate stalwarts. This move was soon open in front of Akhilesh and he had exchanged some rash words with Singh and Shivpal in a meeting. Akhilesh does not want Prateek to enter into politics and Amar wants Prateek to emerge as the new leader.

Tantra mantra-

Insiders had also claimed that Amar Singh is in routine conversation with Mulayam’s second wife Sadhna Gupta and she had been also performing special poojas to get benefits from this feud. Sadhna reportedly met a tantra practitioner in Varanasi last month and Amar Singh had arranged a few of such tantriks from Kamakhya Assam. His Kolkata visit is also being seen as another addition to these tantra practices.

Is Azam his next prey?

Some top leaders close to Akhilesh believe that Amar Singh is working over BJP’s agenda and his next target is Mohammad Azam Khan who is against him. Khan had already opposed Amar’s selection for Rajya Sabha a few months ago but later on said that the party belongs to Mulayam Singh and he can do whatever he feels like.

But in the latest developments and the ongoing feud, Azam khan is silent and Ashu Malik is being surfaced by Amar Singh as the new muslim face of the party. Malik is very active since past few days and he had been even thrashed by supporters of Akhilesh a number of times, Malik had used these incidents to showcase his relations and gaining sympathy.

Senior political experts in Lucknow believe that ,Azam khan could be the next big wicket to fall and he is already living in isolation. Singh is encouraging Mulayam to push Ashu Malik as the new face of Muslims in Uttar Pradesh, and had even convinced Shivpal to sideline Khan.

Amar Singh is back again, he had risen from the ashes as a political phoenix but seems he will burn the SP’s nest with his own fire this time.






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