South actor Siddharth advice Modi govt to stop ‘Hindu nation narrative’


New Delhi, June 2, 2017: Tamil superstar Siddharth, who is seen to be super active on Twitter again racked up controversy after sharing his views on the beef ban against the ruling BJP Government.

Siddharth on his Twitter handle posted that “Dear #BJP you have power. Empower #India. Stay out of people’s private choices. Stop this #Hindu nation narrative. We are better than that.

In his next few tweets, he wrote, The row about #cattle markets is unnecessary and only polarises people. State govts allow or disallow slaughter. #Center should stay out.Most of us are neither #bhakts nor #libtards or whatever these ugly names are. We are just #Indians. Live and let live. Stop the hate!”.

The Union Environment Ministry on May 27 modified the animal cruelty rules, making it mandatory to ensure all kinds of cattle are not bought or sold with a purpose of slaughtering.

As the ministry notified the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules-2017, it asserted that the aim is to regulate the animal market and prevent cruelty.

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Soon after the Centre’s regulation on cattle slaughter came, in Protest against the new law beef festival was observed in several parts of Kerala and IIT Madras students were also seen celebrating a beef festival inside the campus.

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After that, the Madras High Court on Tuesday granted a four-week stay on central government’s notification on new cattle slaughter ban.

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