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Sonia, Rahul to lead ‘Save Democracy March’ on May 6



New Delhi, April 30 : Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul Gandhi will lead a “Save Democracy March” of party workers from Jantar Mantar to Parliament House on May 6.

The march, that will start at 9 a.m., will be organised to highlight a host of issues starting from the Uttarakhand political crisis, drought, unemployment and the current state of the economy. The protestors will also gherao parliament.

“We will protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government’s attempt to destabilize democratically elected government in Uttarakhand by using money and muscle power. This will be the major issue,” said Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala.

Stating that about 40 crore people in the country are affected by drought and at least 52 farmers were committing suicide each day, Surjewala said: “But these problems seemed to have fallen on deaf ears of Modi government. We would like to draw government’s attention to grave agricultural and rural crisis in our country.”

“Other issues like unemployment and current situation of the economy will also be raised. The march will be organized to draw the government’s attention to all the fundamental issues of the country, from which it is trying to escape,” the spokesperson added.


Congress to distribute Priyanka calendar in UP




Priyanka Gandhi Video Conf

The Uttar Pradesh Congress is preparing to distribute nearly 10 lakh calendars of party’s General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, across every village and city of the state.

According to the party sources, the 12-page table top calendar has a photograph of Priyanka on every page. It encapsulates her journey since she has plunged into active politics and also reflects her various moods and the compassionate side of a politician.

In the photographs, Priyanka is seen interacting with Adivasi women in Sonbhadra, meeting women in Amethi, praying at the Mahakaal temple in Ujjain, participating in the Gandhi Jayanti function in Lucknow, attending the Ravidas Jayanti in Varanasi, meeting the family of the Hathras victim, addressing an election rally, meeting children in Azamgarh and participating in a road show in Haryana.

Party sources added that the calendar would be sent across various parts of Uttar Pradesh and the exercise is designed to promote the party, under the leadership of Priyanka, before the next Assembly elections due in 2022.

The calendar, if sources, are to be believed, also indicates that Priyanka could be projected as the party’ s Chief Ministerial candidate in order to propel Congress into the political centre stage in UP.

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I’m a clean person, not scared of PM Modi: Rahul Gandhi

The Congress leader said that the farmers of Punjab and Haryana are fighting on behalf of 65 crore farmers of the country.



Modi Rahul

New Delhi: Former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said he was not scared of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he was a “clean person” and he would continue to fight alone even if no one sided with him.

He made the remarks while addressing a press conference here at the party headquarters, after releasing a booklet on the three farm laws titled “Kheti Ka Khoon.

Rahul Gandhi said, “I have character. I am not scared of Modi or anyone. I am a clean person, and they cannot touch me. They can shoot me. I am a patriot and I protect my country. I will stand alone even if everyone is standing on the other side but will fight as it is my religion.”

“I am more fanatic than them. India is once again fighting for independence,” he said.

He was responding to a question about BJP chief J.P. Nadda’s remarks that he was distracting the farmers.

He said that even during the UPA government, the Congress stood with the farmers in Bhatta Parsaul. “Nadda was not standing there nor was the BJP standing with the farmers then,” he said.

Lashing out at the Centre, Rahul Gandhi said the three farm laws were meant to destroy the Indian agricultural system.

He said, “A huge tragedy has unfolded and I am not talking about just farmers because that is not the only thing happening. Youngsters, who believe in this country, they need to listen carefully.”

He said, “What we have seen in industry after industry, when it comes to the airports, telecom, power, retail, across the board, what we are watching is the development of massive monopolies.”

He alleged that ‘three-four-five people are owning this country’, they are owning it as a small group of people who are close to the Prime Minister and have media support.

“And now we have seen that the last bastion of agriculture that was not touched by industries is also going away,” he said.

Rahul said that now three-four people will own the whole system and the farmers will not get their price and the middle class will be hurt by the prices.

“This is an assault on the middle class,” he said.

The Congress leader said that the farmers of Punjab and Haryana are fighting on behalf of 65 crore farmers of the country.

“They are the patriots of the country, who are protecting livelihoods of 65 crore people. I support them, they are fighting for us,” Rahul Gandhi said.

To a question about China’s intrusion, Rahul Gandhi said, “China is noticing the weakness of India. China has a strategic vision as it wants to shape the entire world. China has tested India twice. If India won’t create a strategy against China, it will take benefit of that and at that time no one would be able to stop the damage.”

He said that the job of safeguarding the country is not being done properly.

“China is testing India and it wants to dominate. I am raising red flags, you can’t manage China with event management,” he said.

He added that whoever speaks against the government is described as an anti national or a criminal.

“We are saying because we are seeing the problems. When we speak about China we are enemies. When we are giving warning signals, we are enemies. Even if the farmers protest is sorted out, then its result will come from somewhere else like from youths or someone else.

“Their approach is wrong, they don’t want to learn and accept. They only want to speak, it is the training by the RSS, they are top grade in this,” he added.

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Who is he? Is he my professor: Rahul Gandhi on JP Nadda

“In Bhatta Parsaul, Naddaji was not there. Even during the Land Acquisition time, neither Naddaji and nor Modiji was there. Rahul Gandhi was there. When it was the matter of lands of farmers, Congress was standing there. When it was the matter of waiving off farmers loan, Congress was standing there,”



Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Jan 20: Former Congress chief on Tuesday slammed BJP national president J.P. Nadda after he taunted him for misleading and provoking farmers, saying who is he and why should he answer him.

While addressing a press conference here at the party headquarters, Rahul Gandhi to a question over Nadda’s series of tweets on him, said, “Who is he that I have to answer to him? Is he my professor? I will answer to the country.”

He made the remarks to a question over Nadda slamming him in a series of tweets.

Earlier in the day, ahead of Rahul Gandhi’s press conference, Nadda said, “Now that Rahul Gandhi has returned from his monthly vacation, I would like to ask him some questions. I hope he will answer them in his today’s Press Conference.”

“When will Rahul Gandhi, his dynasty and Congress stop lying on China? Can he deny that thousands of kms, including the one in Arunachal Pradesh he is referring to, was gifted by none other than Pandit Nehru to the Chinese? Time and again, why does Congress surrender to China?” Nadda said in another tweet.

“Why did farmers remain poor for decades under Congress governments? Does he feel sympathy for farmers only in opposition?” the BJP leader asked.

“Rahul Gandhi spared no opportunity to demotivate the nation in the spirited fight against Covid-19. Today when India has one of the lowest cases and our scientists have come up with a vaccine, why hasn’t he congratulated the scientists and lauded 130 crore Indians even once?” Nadda said.

Slamming Nadda, Rahul Gandhi further said that farmers know the reality.

Gandhi also jokingly said that this is an attempted distraction, this is not full distraction.

“What they have in their heart they tell about me. The government is trying to distract the farmers. The government is telling them to talk and the talks have been done nine times. Farmers knows the reality. What Rahul Gandhi does every farmer knows.

“In Bhatta Parsaul, Naddaji was not there. Even during the Land Acquisition time, neither Naddaji and nor Modiji was there. Rahul Gandhi was there. When it was the matter of lands of farmers, Congress was standing there. When it was the matter of waiving off farmers loan, Congress was standing there,” he said.

He also said that he has character. “I am not scared of Modiji or anyone else. I am a clean person. They can shoot me from a bullet. I am a patriot, and I protect my country. And I will keep on doing that even if I have to stand alone. I am more fanatic than them.

“What is happening here. The reason for which country fought 70 years ago, that is happening once again,” he added.

This was Rahul Gandhi’s first press conference at the party headquarters this year.

Last Friday, he along with his sister and party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had participated in the protest over the three farm laws.

Asked about the Supreme Court forming a committee over the three farm laws, Rahul Gandhi declined to comment.

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