Sonia Gandhi is now UPCC chief: Letter

Sonia Gandhi in Cong meeting

Lucknow, March 19 (IANS) A letter issued by UP Congress Committee claims that Sonia Gandhi is the UPCC president.

The letter which has become the butt of jokes, relates to revoking the expulsion of senior Congress leader Ram Krishna Dwiwedi who is critically ill.

The letter is signed by three members of the Congress disciplinary committee — Ajay Rai, Shyam Kishore Shukla and Imran Masood — and a copy is forwarded to “Shrimati Sonia Gandhi, adhyaksha UP Congress committee”.

While the letter has become the butt of ridicule in the party’s WhatsApp groups, the Shoshit Congress Savarna has taken strong exception to the language of the letter which says that the veteran leader’s expulsion is being revoked because “he is critically ill and the decision has been taken on humanitarian grounds”.

Members if the group have said that the expulsion was actually an insult to the veteran leader and nothing could be more shameful than this.

The members said, “UPCC chief Ajay Kumar Lallu should have visited the ailing leader—instead he chose to revoke expulsion on ‘humanitarian grounds’ and insult him”.

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