Sonia Gandhi dubs promises of Modi Govt as drama to get votes

Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi, March 17: UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Saturday described promises of the Narendra Modi government as a drama and tactics to get votes.  

“Congress is fighting the tyrannical Modi Govt. People have begun to realise that the promises made by the BJP in 2014 were hollow”, she said while addressing at party’s 84th plenary session at the Constitution Club in the national capital.

“Today a new chapter of the Congress party has started. We need to build a nation that provides for every citizen. Every Congress member will dedicate their life to take this nation to great heights”.

The UPA chairperson hailed former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying under his leadership the economy of this country flourished. Our government formed policies which lifted millions of people from poverty.

In contrary to this she stated the present ruling government is weakening these policies.

Praising Congress President, Sonia Gandhi extended best wishes and said the responsibility of the party has rested upon his shoulders during a challenging time.


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