Social media has become albatross around BJP’s neck says Shivsena

Shivsena has slammed BJP government over rumours regarding construction of a policy related to controlling social media.

In Shivsena’s mouth piece Saamna the party stated that social media which played a greater roll in BJP’s victory in 2014 loksabha election has now become the albatross around its neck. The magazine also claimed that BJP used social media as a weapon to win nation and Maharashtra.

Saamna attacked the publicity policies of BJP on social media which it claimed to be anti opposition parties.

Saamna quoted, “BJP publicised itself as its rule is like Lord Krishna’s rule in Dwarka where the people’s soil was converted into gold.”

Saamna further added that when BJP was in opposition it used terrorism to win the power but now when people are criticising the government they are being summoned by police.

While quoting BJP president Amit Shah’s statement to not follow rumours on social media it stated that the corrupt demon of social media is now creating problems for BJP.

On Amit shah’s request that social media should not disrespect Prime minister, President and Chief Minister’s the Saamna took a sharp dig and gave example of deregatory remarks used on former prime minister Manmohan Singh in Prime minister’s room.

ShivSena leader Sanjay Raut said “The social media helped the BJP win power in 2014. They [BJP] can’t try to control the social media if it is not working in their favour. The right to freedom of expression needs to prevail as we are a democratic and independent country.”

Saamna also supported Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar,who hit out at the police for targeting 40 youths, who criticised the BJP, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the PM.

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