Smriti Irani seeks Rahul Gandhi’s response on National Herald Case


New Delhi, Sep 11: Union minister Smriti Irani today asked Congress President Rahul Gandhi to answer on charges levelled against him in the National Herald Case. 

Why did Young India buy a commercial company? I am asking Rahul Gandhi ,said  Irani addressing a press conference.

“Rahul Gandhi’s not-for-profit company, Young India, acquired a commercial company called Associated Journals Limited (AJL). Why a company that is not supposed to be involved in profit or loss making, bought a commercial company?”.

“The fact that Rajan has said I am sure what he has said is a reflection of not only the mafia raj in polices by the Congress government but also a challenge which the Congress led UPA left behind the nation to deal with. This is just a certificate given by Rajan of the kind of nefarious activity undertaken by Congress led UPA in the last regime,” she said.

The senior BJP leader said that the Congress let the economy “stray” while the Gandhi family was very diligent to protect its own financial strength through enterprises like AJL and Young India.

“On one hand the Prime Minister has worked to ensure the economic upliftment of those women, who are the very foundation of our administration and society. And on the other hand the Gandhi family ably led by Rahul Gandhi, have consistently dedicated themselves to only enhancing their personal economic strength,” she said.

Rajan in a written response to a parliamentary panel said that a larger number of bad loans originated in the period 2006-2008.

The NDA government blamed the Congress-led UPA government for the non-performing asset (NPA) crisis.

To a question related to boycott call given by National Conference and PDP in Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat poll, Irani said: “Panchayat elections are very fulcrum on which we celebrate the strength of our democracy and my support is to ensure that people’s voice is heard at the grass root level of democracy.”



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