Sleaze CD case: In new video, woman threatens to write former minister’s name in suicide note

DK Shivakumar
Karnatka Congress chief D.K. Shivakumar

Bengaluru, March 28: Claiming that she had undergone tremendous torture in the last 24 days after a sleaze CD went viral on March 2, the woman at the centre of the controversy released her fourth video clip on Saturday stating that she felt like ending her own life. She also said she would write a detailed suicide note naming (former Karnataka minister) Ramesh Jarkiholi in it for not just exploiting her sexually but also for threatening her family and her.

In her 4.27 minute video clip released from an undisclosed location, the woman alleged she doesn’t know whether she should live or die as Jarkiholi’s family can go to any extent and is capable of doing anything. “I know they can go to the extent of killing me and my parents,” she said.

Quoting Ramesh Jarkiholi, she said that he says that he can pull down a government in a day and he is ready to spend a hefty amount to put everyone in jail to ensure his victory. “What does he mean by saying ‘ready to spend any amount’. This is a clear indication and I request people should understand that they are ready to do anything, they can harm my parents or kill me. Precisely for this very reason, I want to write a death note and name Ramesh Jarkiholi in it before killing myself over this 24-day-long torture,” she alleged.

Expressing shock over the release of a phone conversation between her and her family members on March 2, she said that she was not aware how this audio clip got leaked.

“After the CD was released on news channels on March 2, I was very frightened, didn’t know what to do, where to go. It was all over the media and I knew only one mediaperson with whom I had discussed this issue. I called him and asked what was happening? He replied by saying that he is a very small person in this entire game. Therefore, he told me that all of us need political support and must approach big leaders like Siddaramaiah and D.K. Shivakumar,” she said.

The woman claimed that the man met her and told her they were going to Karnataka Congress President D. K. Shivakumar’s house. “At this juncture, I was also getting multiple calls from her home. I called my mother, she was so scared and was crying. I tried to convince her, but I was so frightened that she may harm herself. So, I told her about going to D. K. Shivakumar’s house. We went to his house, but he was not there,” she claimed in the video.

Asserting that the release of her personal clip is the biggest evidence she could produce, she claimed she was 100 per cent safe and no one has kidnapped her, but she wasn’t so sure about her parents. “The Special Investigation Team (SIT) is saying that they are going to give protection. I request the SIT to bring my family members to Bengaluru and provide security, not in the place where they are now,” she pleaded.

“I want my mummy, daddy, two brothers, and my grandmother, wherever they are, to please come to Bengaluru. All that I have to request to the SIT is that if I have to give any statement to them (SIT team), I would do it only in presence of my family members,” she added.

Earlier, video clips went viral with Jarkiholi getting intimate with the woman as a result of this he was compelled to resign from the minister’s post on March 3.

On March 2, a social activist Dinesh Kalahalli filed a complaint at the Cubbon Park police station against Jarakiholi after the videos were leaked. Within four days he decided to withdraw the complaint. After this, Karnataka constituted a special investigating team (SIT) to probe into the matter.

On March 13, the woman released her first video clip from an undisclosed location asking to be provided security. Jarkiholi had then filed an FIR against unknown persons claiming that the video was fake and that he was being politically targeted.

On March 25, she released another video clip, this time, she even cast aspersions on the SIT, besides expressing confidence in Congress leaders like Siddaramaiah, K. R. Ramesh Kumar and D. K. Shivakumar and sought their support in her battle against Jarkiholi.

After Siddaramaiah, Ramesh Kumar and Shiva Kumar came out in the open to help her out, on March 26 (Friday), she released another short video clip, in which she asserted she had mustered ‘enough’ courage to file a complaint against Jarakiholi.

She sent her undersigned two-page complaint though her legal counsel, K. N. Jagadish, who formally submitted the complaint to Bengaluru city police commissioner Kamal Pant and the police registered an FIR against Jarakiholi on Friday evening.


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