Skinning off 100 snake for a show ?


KARACHI: Titled ‘The snake-eating man’ underway the zoo, around 100 snakes have been ruthlessly killed as part of a ‘magic show’. The stunt attracted   many visitors on the start of Eid and said will continue for more days.

The performer kills the snake by breaking their necks with his teeth before skinning them. The majority of audience turns out to be children watching in awe and wonder.

Talib, 31-years-old, a performer said “I have been holding these shows in all major cities of the country for a long time. No government official has ever stopped or fined me on my acts,” He got reptiles from Thatta and as per his opinion the number of snakes has not declined over the years despite their frequent killing in his performances.

And he also added that “I eat all kinds of snakes that include cobras and vipers but they are often not easily available”. He is also fond of frogs and lizards which he also used during his shows.

Zoo Director Fahim Khan said “The show is being held only for a few days and in no way damages the public image of the zoo,” and further argues that the facility housing wild animals had to arrange such shows for “public entertainment”.

Wildlife conservator Sindh Saeed Baloch, however, criticised the zoo administration for “showing cruelty to animals” and said that the facility was encouraging the public to destroy wildlife.


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