Six people arrested in Brussels after attacks

Six people were arrested on Thursday in Brussels in anti-terror operation following Tuesday’s terrorist attacks, the federal prosecutors office said.

Police conducted several searches in Jette and Schaerbeek in Brussels-Capital Region, the office said in a statement.
Prime minister Charles Michel refused to accept the resignations of the interior and justice ministers, who have been severely criticised for allowing the attackers.

Led by King Philippe, Belgians observed a minute of silence on the third and final day of mourning for the 31 people killed and 300 injured in attacks.

Considering the terror atacks as a revenge attack for arrested Abdeslam in Brussels.Abdeslam he spent four months on the run as the last surviving member of the group that killed 130 people in Paris.

Abdeslam’s lawyer Sven Mary said Thursday his client now did not want to fight extradition to Paris and insisted he “didn’t know” in advance about the Brussels attacks.

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