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Six arrested for threatening Trinamool MP, his mother




Kolkata, July 4: Six youths were arrested for trespass and intimidation after entering the house of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s grand nephew and Trinamool Congress MP Sugato Bose on Monday and demanded that construction materials for the ongoing repairs of the house be taken from them.

Eight youths, riding motorbikes, forced their way into the house in south Kolkata’s Sarat Bose Road and wanted to know in a threatening tone as to who had been given the contract for repairing the house, said eyewitnesses.

“There has been an incident of trespass and intimidation. My mother was in the house. I was on phone then. They spoke to my mother (Krishna Bose, a former three-time MP) in an aggressive way,” said Bose, whose late father Sisir Bose — a leading paediatrician remembered for driving Netaji from Kolkata to Gomoh during his escape — had built the house.

When Sugato Bose came out, there was an altercation between him and the youths.

“These people wanted to know who was the contractor. They wanted that cement, sand and other materials should be taken from them. When I asked them to leave the house, they left.”

Bose said it had to be ensured that common people did not face such harassment. “I only want to say what has happened in our house is not that important. What is important is that common people should not face such harassments. This is my only prayer.”

After Bose informed the Ballygunge Police Station, officers rushed to the house.

Bose said he lodged the complaint as he was concerned about the safety of his mother and wanted ordinary citizens not to suffer the same ordeal.

Later, six of the youths were arrested.

Industrialists, builders, factory owners as well as common citizens, have for years been complaining about extortion by syndicates formed by youths for supplying materials for any form of construction across the state.

The ordeal faced by Bose, a noted historian and teacher of Harvard university, has come as a big embarrassment for the ruling Trinamool Congress.



Don’t commit ‘sin’ of using force against protesters: Sharad Pawar

The former Union Agriculture Minister asked the Centre to hold a dialogue with cultivators seeking scrapping of the new agri-marketing laws giving up its “extreme position” on the issue.



Sharad Pawar

In the wake of violence during the farmers” tractor parade, NCP president Sharad Pawar on Tuesday said what happened in Delhi is indefensible, but one also cannot ignore reasons which led to the situation as he warned against use of force on protesters.

The former Union Agriculture Minister asked the Centre to hold a dialogue with cultivators seeking scrapping of the new agri-marketing laws giving up its “extreme position” on the issue.

A tractor march meant to highlight farmers” demands dissolved into anarchy on the streets of the national capital, as hordes of rampaging protesters broke through barriers, fought with police, overturned vehicles and hoisted a religious flag from the rampart of Red Fort, a privilege reserved for the tricolour.

Interacting with media persons here, Pawar said Punjab may head towards restlessness if the Centre uses force against protesters and asked the Modi government to not commit that sin.

The farmers organised tractor rally. It was expected of the Centre and those responsible for law and order then to deal with them sensibly. But it did not happen is obvious, Pawar alleged.

Pawar said a way out should have been found over the farmers demands without hurting the protesters who have been agitating for two months.
The NCP leader said from the information he has received, strict conditions were imposed on the protesters before they took out the tractor rally.

It was required to deal with the protesters keeping in mind their 50-60 days agitation and their patience. But a different view was held (by the authorities) and hence, the situation has deteriorated.

None can defend what is happening there today. But we also cannot ignore why it is happening, Pawar said.

Pawar said it was the responsibility of the Centre to note why the farmers who were protesting peacefully till now turned angry and added the government should have handled the agitators accordingly.

But it did not happen and the situation deteriorated, Pawar alleged.

It is my expectation that the Centre shows prudence and gives up its extreme position on the issue while holding dialogue with these (farmers) bodies.

It should hold a dialogue. It should think of their demands seriously and take a suitable decision, Pawar said.

He said Punjab may head towards restlessness if the Centre uses force against the agitators.

If this is not done (dialogue is not held) and if we (the Centre) try to use force, then Punjab — which was restless once upon a time, but has recovered — may head towards restlessness and the Modi government should not commit that sin, Pawar added. PTI

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Congress to welcome farmers’ tractor rally in Delhi




Tractor March Delhi
File Photo

The Congress in Delhi will welcome the farmers’ tractor rally on January 26 on the rally route to pledge solidarity with the farmers demanding the repeal of the three farm laws. The Congress workers have been asked by the party to welcome the rally on various points in the capital.

The Congress said the farm laws, if implemented in the present form, will be a total sell-out of the farm sector to a few chosen corporates supporting the BJP, therefore the farmers demand repeal of the laws.

Chowdhry Anil Kumar, President of the Delhi Congress unit said, “The farmers have been protesting on the borders of Delhi for over the past 60 days, braving the bone-chilling cold weather, demanding the repeal of the anti-farmer laws, and over 100 farmers have already become martyrs to the cause, and I will personally welcome the tractor rally.”

He alleged that the Modi government seems to be unmoved by the plight of the farmers, and adamant that it will not repeal the three laws after 11 rounds of talks with the farmers have produced no result, as the government is firm on not repealing the laws and is just fooling the farmers by holding futile talks. He said that the tractor rally will be a loud statement of the farmers’ anguish and anxiety.

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Congress has high hopes with DMK in Tamil Nadu




rahul gandhi pti
File Photo

The Congress is pinning its hopes on the Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, where it will contest in alliance with the DMK, with former party president Rahul Gandhi making a trip to the southern state twice in 10 days and is expected to visit the state again in February.

Rahul Gandhi has been invoking Tamil pride in the state and attacking the BJP and AIADMK. In one of his speeches, the Congress leader said, “The Prime Minister says one language, one culture and one nation. Is Tamil not an Indian language? Is Tamil history not Indian history?”

Attacking the BJP, Rahul Gandhi said in another of his speeches, “It is an honour for me to be here with you. Whenever I come to Tamil Nadu, I am struck by your enthusiasm and by the way you live your life, something that I call Tamil spirit. No matter what difficulty you face, you always have a smile on your face and remain positive.”

He also said that in every non-BJP ruled state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi uses the CBI and ED to attack the opposition. “Why is the ED and the CBI not investigating the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister? What has the CM given to PM Modi in exchange for this? That is the central question,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi also alleged that Modi has the remote control to the government of Tamil Nadu, but the people of the state will take the batteries out of his remote control and throw them away.

The DMK-Congress alliance had outsmarted the AIADMK in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls and holds an advantage in the Assembly elections as the ruling party lacks a charismatic leader such as Jayalalitha.

While the DMK has an alliance with the Congress, the AIADMK is likely to go with the BJP. The Congress is optimistic as its alliance with the DMK and the CPI(M) had won 38 out of the 39 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

There is also an anti-incumbency factor in Tamil Nadu with the AIADMK ruling the state for two terms now.

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