Singham completed 25 years in Indian cinema

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Mumbai, Nov22: Since Bollywood’s Singham debut with Phool Aur Kaante completes its 25 years, Ajay Devgn has lived a multifaceted life of an actor, producer, director and writer.

Ajay had that mix of honesty and intensity which was always reflected in his persona. In a way, he reflected the ‘90s version of Amitabh Bachchan.

Ajay has little to lose by way of his stardom because he has always been a star whose films work only on merit and yet has a strong fan base that does not care whether his films make the cut or not. Add his generally economic fees and correct budgeting of most of his films, and the trade is not jittery even if his films are not received well.

In a career of 25 years, he delivered some exceptional movies like Gangaajal, Omkara, OUATIM, The Legend Of Bhagat Singh etc. Actor is best known for serious roles and he even won two times National award for best actor for The Legend Of Bhagat Singh and Zakhm.

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The 47-year-old actor has always present his individualistic journey in films, and to make it big, he continued making an impact as an action hero, he had action in his blood, as the son of the legendary action coordinator Veeru Devgan. With his father designing most of his early stunts for him, Ajay stood out even more, like when he straddled two bikes in his opening sequence in Phool Aur Kaante.

phool aur kante

The Actor has been inconsistent in term of Box Office performance of his movies. Though many flops he delivers amidst a series of average and hit movies.

He has delivered six 100 crore grosser while on other there is a big list of flop and disaster movies. Let’s have a look at Ajay Devgn’s Box Office report card since his debut in 1991.

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