SIMI activists encounter: Contradictory statements raise doubts


Madhya Pradesh, 1 Nov: The statements given by state authorities itself raising questions on the encounter done by Bhopal Police in which all the 8 SIMI activists killed in Eintkhedi village on the outskirts of Bhopal.

Eight SIMI activists fled from Bhopal Central Prison between 2 and 3 am, killing head constable Ramshankar Yadav inside the jail. They escape with the help of forging keys out of “toothbrush and wood” to open the locks of their prison barracks. Surprisingly  by 11:30 am, all the 8 SIMI operatives  were killed in an encounter.

It is worth Noticing that no one raised an alarm in the jail when the guard was killed. Also CCTVs monitoring the escape route were not functioning.

-The parapet wall has live wire. How did eight operatives scale the 32 feet wall without even one, coming in accidental contact with the live wire? Or had some insider help switched it off?

– How is it that all eight undertrials scaled the 32 feet wall — no mean feat — without a soul inside prison coming to know of it when the  jail having a capacity of around 2,400 prisoners. Their lawyer also has expressed doubts, saying that at least three of the eight operatives are not fit enough to do this.

Every central prison has watchtowers, which are monitored by armed Special Police Force and not the jail staff. The complex has searchlights and spotlights that keeps moving but nobody noticed anything.

Also If the entire SIMI gang had hatched a conspiracy to escape from the prison then why did its leader Abu Faisal lodged in a separate cell, not join them as well?

According to the MP police, the SIMI men were armed, with four country-made pistols and two knives. On the other side the state home minister, Bhoopendra Singh claimed that they used utensils as weapons and had no arms. ATS chief Sanjeev Shami also denied the men were armed.

In the video footage, it is seen that the men standing on a hillock at a distance, “trying to talk to the police” (heard clearly in the policeman’s audio over walkie-talkie) and raising their hands in surrender position.

Meanwhile, Congress leaders and other leaders are also raising questions and demanding for an inquiry on the encounter held by Bhopal Police.




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