Sibal’s jibe on PNB scam: Shoot loot and scoot for fashion czar, Common A/C holders can’t go far

kapil sibal
kapil sibal, Photo Source @abpnewshindi

Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha member, Kapil Sibal took on the twitter to criticise the Modi Government over its failure in handling the PNB scam case on Tuesday.

The leader stating Nirav Modi as fashion Czar (King of fashion) said that the Modi government has allowed people like him to perform any irregularities and fly away but when it comes to the common bank account holder, the government and the banks take every possible step so that they can’t go far.

The leader also claimed that public sector banks collected 2320 crores in (2017-18) by penalising account holders for having fewer amounts in their accounts.


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