Showman Raj Kapoor’s 92nd birth anniversary: check out his best dialogues


It’s December 14, Raj Kapoor’s 92nd Birthday. A versatile Man- producer, director and actor. Raj Kapoor first showed his scene-stealing abilities in Mehboob Khan’s Andaz (1949). Ruddy-cheeked and light-eyed, Raj Kapoor was unmistakably Destiny’s blue-eyed man.

Bollywood’s Show-man also known for his own prowess as an actor and he bagged several awards to his name which includes nine Filmfare Awards, The Dadasaheb Phalke Award, The Padma Bhushan in 1971. He went on to introduce the first in Indian cinema to have his heroines showcase their bodies in sensual frames.

The roles Raj Kapoor played best were those of a messiah of social change and of the impassioned advocate of universal love. Kapoor was even twice nominated for the prestigious Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for Awaara (1951) and Boot Polish (1954)

The actor-director enjoyed rare creative control of his image and his work. His dialogues were praised across the country.

On the occasion of his 92nd birth Anniversary, here are some of his famous dialogues which still remain in our hearts:

Raj kapoor

Duniya mein ek cheez sher-e-babbar se bhi zyada khatarnak aur darawani hai … aur woh hai gareebi aur bhookh

In this world there is one thing that is more dangerous and scary than a tiger… and that is poverty and hunger.

From- Mera Naam Joker(1970)

Raj kapoor 1

Kabhi kabhi puraane dino ki yaad … sehat ke liye bahut achi hoti hai

Remembering the old days …Sometimes is very good for health

From- Mera Naam Joker(1970)

Raj kapoor 3

Dukh tumne mujhe nahi diya hai … maine apne aap ko dukh diya hai

You haven’t given me any sorrow … I have given myself sorrow.

From- Sangam(1964)

Raj kapoor 3

Hum uss desh ke vasi hai … jis desh mein Ganga behti hai

I am the citizen of the country … in which the river Ganga flows

From- Jis desh mein Ganga behti hai

Raj kapoor 4

Sab kuch khuda se mang liya tujhko mangkar … uthte nahi hai haath mere is dua ke baad

By asking for you, I’ve asked everything from God… now my hands don’t rise after that prayer of mine


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