Shorgul: Not the movie but song by Kapil Sibal touches the heart


Shorgul, The movie which had been banned last week amid rumours that the movie showcased the Muzaffarnagar riots, doesn’t even depicts the name of the Hindu-Muslim riots place.

Though the plot of the movie is not clear still the best approach that catches the hearts of viewers is the soothing song that the Congress senior lawmaker Kapil Sibal has written ‘Tere Bina jee naa lage’.


Earlier the Union Minister had written a ‘Qwaali’ which he had planned to write for Shorgul but after learning about the plot of the movie he decided to give a emotional song for politically inclined movie and later on he practised from more than nine months to write the lyrics.

Meanwhile, Kapil Sibal claims that the song will touch every heart for a long duration.


The cast of the movie are Jimmy Shergill who stars in this socio-political drama as Ranjit Om, an ambitious MLA who tries to wield the political volatility of the state to his benefit. Ashutosh Rana, as Chaudhary, is a Western Uttar Pradesh strongman who doesn’t support Om’s ideology. The two are at loggerheads, but things take a wild turn when Chaudhary’s son Raghu (Anirudh Dave) falls for Zainab (Suha Gezen).

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