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Shoot of “A Beautiful Day…” was living hell: Tom Hanks



Toronto, Sep 9 American actor Tom Hanks joked that the shoot of his latest film, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, in which he portrays the late children’s television star Fred Rogers, was a “living hell” due to the main character’s complexity.

Hanks told summary of the filming experience at a private press conference that the star and the rest of the production team held in Toronto, one day after the movie’s world premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, reports Efe.

The film focuses on the relationship between the mysterious icon of American kids’ TV, Mister Rogers (Hanks), and Lloyd Vogel, a reporter for the magazine “Esquire” played by American actor Matthew Rhys.

For one of the movie’s opening scenes, Hanks had to perform a complicated choreography in which he sings, takes off his jacket, puts on a sweater, takes off his shoes and ties his shoelaces while looking straight into the camera.

Hanks said it was a difficult scene that needed multiple takes until he succeeded in performing it correctly.

The film’s director, Marielle Heller said to the laughter of Hanks and the rest of the cast that they filmed exactly 22 takes.

Hanks’ laughter turned into surprise when Heller said she had made Hanks’ work much more difficult than necessary because in the original TV show, Rogers already had his sneaker laces virtually tied up to facilitate the choreography, something that did not happen in “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”

Upon learning of Heller’s “carelessness,” Hanks said: “This movie is a living hell!”

Hanks said that he never liked Rogers’ show while growing up.

He added that “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” was a black-and-white programme that he never tuned into and the fact that the dolls that Rogers played with did not move their mouths when they spoke did not look believable to him.

However, Hanks explained that after seeing “a million” hours of Rogers’ tapes, he stopped questioning him.

The actor acknowledged that many years later, when he was an adult and someone showed him a clip on the internet of Rogers chatting with a child in a wheelchair, he changed his perspective.

He added that those were the reasons why he needed to be in this movie.

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UP Minister slams Sonakshi Sinha for KBC gaffe



Sonakshi Sinha Khanadani Shiefakhana

Meerut, Sep 24 Uttar Pradesh Minister Sunil Bharala has slammed Bollywood actor Sonakshi Sinha, who was unable to answer a question on ‘Ramayana’ during a popular television quiz show last week.

Bharala, who holds a ministerial rank position as Chairman of the Labour Welfare Council, called Sonakshi a ‘Dhan Pashu’ (money animal) and said such people have no time for learning and only care about earning money.

“In modern times, these people are only after money. All they care about is earning money and spending that money on themselves. They have no knowledge of history and gods. They have no time for learning. Nothing can be sadder than this,” he said.

The Minister was referring to Sonakshi’s failure to answer a question related to Ramayana in an episode of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ on September 20.

On the show to support a contestant from Rajasthan, Sonakshi was asked: “According to Ramayana, Hanuman fetched the ‘Sanjeevani Booti’ (herb) for whom?”

She apparently did not know the answer from the four options given — Sugriva, Lakshmana, Sita and Rama, and finally used a lifeline to answer the question.

Expressing his surprise at Sonakshi’s lack of knowledge about the Indian epic, the show’s host actor Amitabh Bachchan later pointed out how strange it was as she lives in a house called ‘Ramayana’, her father’s name is Shatrughan Sinha, whose three other brothers are called Ram, Lakshman and Bharat, and her own brothers are named Luv and Kush.

The actor was also trolled on the social media for not knowing the story of Ramayana. She however, hit back at netizens saying she does not remember many other things and if trollers have no work, they can make memes on them too.

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Bill Hader wins Best Comedy Actor trophy at Emmys 2019




Bill Hader

Los Angeles, Sep 23 : Actor Bill Hader won an Emmy in the Lead Actor in a Comedy Series category for “Barry”, and he gave a shout-out to the show’s co-creator Alec Berg while accepting the award.

Co-created by Hader and Berg, “Barry” is about a hitman who is trying to change his life after finding passion for acting. Hader took home the statuette for his portrayal of a hitman and aspiring actor in the series.

He paid tribute to Berg in his acceptance speech.

Hader, who also directs on the show, said he is often asked by the press “how do you direct yourself?'”

“There are a lot of great directors on this show. The person I actually go to is my friend and co-creator, Alec Berg. And usually after a take, I go over to Alec and I’ll go, ‘What do you think?'” said Hader.

“And I get one of two responses. It’s either, ‘We should move on’, or, ‘We should go again’,” he said while revealing that he often looks to Berg for feedback during filming.

“So I want to thank you for molding my performance. And I don’t know where I’d be without you. Alright, love you man,” he added.

Hader beat out Anthony Anderson (“Black-ish”), Don Cheadle (“Black Monday”), Ted Danson (“The Good Placea), Michael Douglas (“The Kominsky Method”) and Eugene Levy (“Schitt’s Creek”) to get the trophy.

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Britney Spears: My sister inspired me to go dark



Britney Spears

Los Angeles, Sep 22 Singer Britney Spears says her younger sister Jamie Lynn inspired her to ditch her famous blonde hair and dye it brown.

Spears is known for her famous blonde hair since she got into the music scene as a teenager. The singer recently dyed her hair brown.

The “Oops!… I did it again” hitmaker took to Instagram to reveal that the move was inspired by her younger sister, reports

“Same faces, same dress, new hair!!!!! Yes, my sister inspired me to go dark,” she posted.

Her boyfriend Sam Asghari responded to the post, saying: “Beautiful blonde or black.”

The popstar was spotted with her 25-year-old boyfriend on Friday at The 2nd Annual Daytime Beauty Awards here. However, she abruptly exited the red carpet ahead of her court battle with her father Jamie over her conservator ship.

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